Saturday, September 13, 2008

Someone hexed blogger

So I had a draft of the post I wanted to write and I went back today to finish and post it; however it is gone. Lost in the internets like it never existed. Sigh it's been a long week. Bella's socks aren't going as well as I hoped once again the sock in progress has turned back into a ball'o'yarn. I'm going to try again once the common room is quiet and I'm not so tired. I have some much essays to do that the parchment is piled so high it almost reaches the top of my canopy when sitting on my desk! Well it's off to bed for me it's been a long day with Quidditch practice and a Hogsmeade trip and I have to spend all day tomorrow finishing my homework *sigh*
Hey I am half way through sock # two but had to stop to knit emergency birthday socks for my soon to be five year old. :) I was home sick three days and had taken one day off so at least I got a bit done here and there I think I get more knitting done at work lol.

Friday, September 12, 2008

quote game

"I am fortunate, extremely fortunate, that i have you, Severus."

who and why?

found on

Engrish photo of a Harry Potter movie poster that says a political thriller based on events occurring in the oil rich middle east
more the engrish!

allitrya spelling- gryffindor

Quote game

Here we are - it took me a few days to come uip with this - Who said it, to whom, in which book?

"Well, he's not my type, but he'll do,"

Yarn and pattern bought

Finally found the yarn and the pattern I will use for my partner's socks. I have to finish up one little thing before I can get started but I should be starting by the end of this weekend if all goes well.

Selina Starfire

new poll

hey everyone - just out of curiosity I put a new poll on my blog page if anyone wants to do it ... no house points or anything, but it is completely anonymous ... just wondering how old everyone is in real/muggle-life

Queen Frysia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perfect Sock Yarn

Hi everyone I received my pal's sock yarn this week and I think she will like it. My pal said her favorite character is Serius Black and lo and behold I found some sock yarn in the Serius Black colorway. I haven't been able to post much with work and watching my grandchildren but that should change now. Pren, just wanted to let you know I am posting a picture of the Noro Wave scarf on my blog. It turned out beautiful.

All for now as I need to e-mail my pal and post on my blog.

Questions Answered :)

Good Afternoon Students!! :)
I had some very valid questions asked this morning so I wanted to post here to make sure that everyone knows what is going on.

I'm not sure I understand how to play the quizzes that are put up on the blog. And I cannot find any rules anywhere on it, either.
Do we answer all we can?
Answer as many of the trivia as you want or don't answer at all it is up to you.

On the blog?
When answering trivia on the blog answer it in the comments and the person who posted the trivia will get back to you and let you know if you were right.

to our prefects? (in which case, how do we contact them? I can't find that info, either)

Prefects you should have been contacting your house, they should have your email to get in touch with you in case they need something. Check your email to see if there is an email from your prefect and save their email. If you have not heard from your prefects let me know.

House quizzes go on your personal blog or can be emailed to your prefect.
I've never seen a posting on the Gryffindor quiz that I answered on the blog - How do we know? Your prefects should let you know who wins the quizzes. Do we get House points for answering? Yes you get house points for answering the quizzes and trivia,You get 5 points per answer if you are right for the trivia and 10 for every quiz answered.

I hope this helps!! I hope to have the house points up soon!

Headmistress Cassandra

Greeting Everyone

Well, I have been a very slack Gryffindor this round. Vacation, illnesses, school starting...I haven't been in touch too much. But I have started my socks and the first one is almost done! And I am really excited to put my package together for my pal. This is the best time of year for a Hogwarts swap...Halloween means lots of goodies in stores and on line to choose from. So, I do solemnly swear to be more involved now that my life has settled down a bit. Go Gryffindor!



just a quick note, pardon the off topic post ....

I wanted to express my great sympathy for any of our members or people in their circle of family & friends who were tragically touched by the horrid events 7 years ago today.

We will never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slytherin Zucchini Bread

Imagine my surprise when I, a Ravenclaw, pulled this out of the oven a couple of days ago!


It looks just like the S on the Slytherin locket. I baked two loaves. The other came out with some version of an R on it (and was quickly eaten). The batter is basically a puree when it goes in the oven, so really and truly, I did not carve any letters into it.

So, who's putting spells on my bread? ;)

And, here's a teaser:

Cliodna Boomslang, Ravenclaw

Grandma's alter ego

My potterverse alter go has her own blog . Recipies from my family's collection will be shared. Grandma

Re; Slytherin Quiz 2

Did we ever learn who won the second slytherin quiz, or am I just dizzy this week and miss it?

Slytherin Quiz 2

did we ever learn who won the second Slytherin Quiz? or am I just dizzy this week?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sneak Peak

Greetings from the Snake Pit!!! I am making good progress on my pal's socks and have finally picked out some lovely needles for her that are on their way here. Here is a sneak peak of the socks. Of course it is just the heel part. Not that I am gonna show the pattern part. But ya can at least have an idea of the colors. Other than that, not much going on here. Just picking out some items for the package. ::back off to the Snake Pit::

Oooooo...Lookey, lookey...

I got a package from my Prefect, Megeara, today with the prize from the first Slytherin House Quiz. Look at the yummies that were inside...

The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns in the colorway Chinese Fireball Dragon, and the groovy owl stitch markers are from Crazy4Dyeing.

love (1000)

Thanks so much Megeara!!!

I don't know how I feel . . .

It is her baby. I would be upset if someone just took my idea and ran with it.
I wouldn't worry about making crafts and using the HP name, I would just put a note in your description that you are no affiliated with JKR or WB.
Lilly Longbottom-Gryffindor.

Re: Greed

Bothers me, too, Allitrya. I've recently made up a bunch of stitch markers, and intend to open an Etsy store, perhaps next month. And of course some of the markers are in colors which correspond to the House colors. I had intended to use Harry Potter to tag those markers ... now I suppose I'd better not. But in that case, how can I tag them so they'll come up on a search without putting myself into an untenable legal position?

This may not (please note I said 'may not') be all JKR, either. I know nothing, really, about publishing, but I do know a little bit about other businesses and her publisher and/or lawyers may also be behind this. I don't know how much personal choice she may/may not have in such issues.

But it sure is discouraging. Will she/they be after things like sock patterns and knitters next?

Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Monday, September 8, 2008

Has anybody seen an owl?

I'm dying here! Where is that ding dong owl at with Wisteria's package! It should have made it to her by now! NEVER borrow an owl from a Weasley! Grandma
Also to be fair he is moving the lexicon and he is the one that threatened to close it. The judgement only applies to the book. he got in trouble when he did not acknowledge where the quotes came from.
In fact he did not put it in quotes at all.I read the trial transcripts. (Yup I do have time on my hands).
It seems to me he was used badly by the shady publishing house who contacted him. he did not know how to legally anecdote a book and the sleazeball publisher did not have a competent editor assigned to him.
Now the poor guy hasn't got a chance to publish anything because his name is mud in the book world.
If he had a good publishing house, a mentor and a good editor we would have had another reference book.
I'm not a lawyer but have been, unfortunately, a witness in a publishing case. Had to write a complete textbook and prepare all new study material in a two month period one year because of a unknowing person thinking that you did not have to use anecdotes.
Everyone wants to spend your 25th wedding anniversary long distance on the phone with your editor right! Grandma

I didn't do it I swear!

I solemnly swear I did not put the cream tart on the headmistress's' chair at lunch today. Wasn't me. Nope. Never. And I have several well paid witnesses that will vouch for me. Grandma


omg!!!! i have to say this feels like jkr being greedy. it kinda pisses me off. she basically went to court and said oh look how popular this guys free web site is. i could be makin money on that idea "HP was my character and i was gonna make an encyclopedia of HP "eventually" so you cant do that" there is a copyright rule that says if its reference material you are making then you can use the original source if you want to. duh. you would need to! how do you think that encyclopedias get made!? i am so irked. i really did not think she was gonna win when this issue first came to light. its like how she has teams of people that search on the internet all day long looking for "harry potter", in the tags area of handmade goods and then she sues them for the meeger proffits they have made making stitch markers or whatever in the hogwarts colors. i just dont get it. if the seller was saying this is aprooved by jkr i could see how she wouldnt like that. but just someone saying this is inspired by the harry potter books. ugh! shes pushing her fans away i think. any other thoughts? am i too bent out of shape about this!?
allitrya spelling - gryffindor

ATTN: Quiz makers

Hey y'all I ran across this sad news today online:

Judge waves gavel, says Avada Kedavra to Harry Potter Lexicon: "Steven Vander Ark's Harry Potter lexicon has vanished and may never be seen again. The handy guide was not spirited away with the wave of a wand: it was, instead, banned with the bang of a gavel. In a ruling issued this morning, Judge Robert Patterson affirmed that Ark and his publisher had failed to demonstrate that the reference text fell within the scope of fair use."
Now with the way this article reads, it will affectively not only stop the publication but also knock out the website that so many of us have come to love ... this will likely cause a cascade effect to the other 'back up' sites as well and they all become leary of falling to the same legal challenge.

Just a heads up.

quote game

hey BellaDonna - you got it right, now its your turn to publish a quote :-)

say I went to your blog site to see if you would be one to watch the Quidditch match tonight between the Vikes and Cheeseheads (hee hee) but noticed that your last exchange sent you lemon drops -- don't know if you've tried it yet but they are really good instead of sugar in your tea! Put one in your Earl Grey and it instantly turns into a potion the muggles have labeled "Lady Grey".

How lucky you are!

Queen Frysia

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quote Game

Okay here's one:

" Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. "

Who said it and in what book?

I should say 'good luck' because I did a general internet search and found that most sites are only attributing this quote to JKR, but it did come from a character.

Quote Game

"There are plenty of eyewitness accounts, just because you're so narrow-minded you need to have everything shoved under your nose before you--"

And the Winner is!

Congratulations Grandma Beth! Thank you for participating and answering all the questions for the Gryffindor Quiz! ROAR ROAR! I will gather up something lovely and mail it out later this week. ;) Let's hear it for Grandma Beth!

Disclaimer: The winner was chosen by writing each participant's name on a slip of paper wrinkling them up and throwing them on the table and picking the one that fell closest to me. We'll do something even less scientific and more arbitrary next time!

dear ophelia b.,

i was wondering if we ever found out who won the gryffindor house quiz. i have been out of town so i might have missed the post. just curious. :0)
allitrya spelling- gryffindor

Teee Heee

I snuck over to ravenclaw and up to Wisteria's room. Don't tell her I re-arrainged all her yarn by color. Oh and I put her needles in reverse order! Grandma