Monday, September 8, 2008

quote game

hey BellaDonna - you got it right, now its your turn to publish a quote :-)

say I went to your blog site to see if you would be one to watch the Quidditch match tonight between the Vikes and Cheeseheads (hee hee) but noticed that your last exchange sent you lemon drops -- don't know if you've tried it yet but they are really good instead of sugar in your tea! Put one in your Earl Grey and it instantly turns into a potion the muggles have labeled "Lady Grey".

How lucky you are!

Queen Frysia

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Gryffinitter said...

OOOOH! I ate all those lemone drops, which were EXCELLENT, but I got some more on vacation, which are only good, and will benefit from being dropped into tea - thanks for the heads up!

BTW, have you ever had your Earl Grey with milk and brown sugar? I have college roommate to thank for that....