Saturday, August 23, 2008


Um...... was I supposed to post my answers here? Seems none of the Slytherin did .... I think I goofed? But I don't remember seeing anyone state where we were supposed to send our answers!!!

:::wandering the halls wondering:::

Katt/Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Friday, August 22, 2008

cursed machine?

Is anyone else having issues with the HSS4 homepage or is it just my machine? the posts seem to show up way above the side bar & background .... hmmm .... maybe I need to do some anti-hexing.

Queen Frysia
Slytherin House
(aka ginger gargoyle)

And the Winner is.....

Hello Slytherins, even though there are few of us we are proud and talented group. All three of you have completed your quizzes on time and did a great job of showing your talent in Potions. I will be shipping out the prize to the winner, but it will remain a secret till she receives it in the mail.

The next quiz will be in two weeks and the prize is a skein on yarn donated by our talented Slytherin Perenelle Pettigrew, check out her store there are beautiful hand-dyed yarns and great sock clubs like the Quidditch Teams of the World Club. Drooling over her yarns makes me wish I wasn't allergic to wool! Disclosure: Nelle did not bribe me or ask me to advertise for her, I'm gushing because the yarn is definitely worth gushing over!

Now the winner of the Slytherin quiz of the term is

Nelle congratulations, please send me a pm via Ravelry with your address or email me at megaerablack aT gMaIL PeRioD com.

How exciting...

I'm almost finished with my Pal's socks. WOO HOO!! I really want them to count for the Ravelympics so even though I have a few busy days coming up today and tomorrow I'm going to do my best to get them done before Sunday morning. ;o)


I think I could stock a farm pound with frogs

Well it's confirmed I'm better at crocheting socks than knitting. I've decided to play to my strength and crochet the socks before I wear out the yarn! LOL Grandma

BTW - the first sock is working up beautifully with the hand painted yarn!

Gryffindor Quiz #1

1. Niffler - Fluffy black long-snouted creature (looks rather like a rat). Gentle & affectionate. Useful for finding treasure as they are strongly attracted to shiny objects. Have been known to attack humans wearing shiny jewelry (i.e. Umbridge)

2. Improper Use of Magic Office, or magical Law Enforcement Squad

3. Best at completing - the Underwater challenge. I love to swim, and took all but the last course to become a Certified LifeGuard before my family moved from California.

4. Worst at completing - the Maze. My sense of direction has always been very poor.

5. Potions - Wit Sharpening Potion

6. Veritaserum - Truth serum, it forces the person who has taken it to tell the truth to any questions asked, no matter who is asking - someone else or themselves.

7. Hungarian Horntail

8. "Potter Stinks"

Hermione & Viktor Krum

Harry and a Dragon


Dean Thomas

Seamus Finnegan

Katt/Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi All

Would any one like to play a game?
We have played word association games before.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anybody else having as much fun as I am?

I just wanted to thank everyone who makes this possible! I'm having a blast! Grandma

Re: Cast On, Rip Out, Repeat

Jane, one of the things I've learned over my knitting career is that if you add one extra stitch to your cast on stitches, then move this last stitch over to the first needle, then *knit this stitch together with your first stitch*, (you now have the correct number of cast on stitches on your needles), the join will virtually disappear. This works for socks or anything else you are doing in the round. Just be sure to knit the two stitches together in pattern, whether that be knit or purl.

Lady Felula, Gryffindor House

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gryffindor House Quiz 1


1. What is a Niffler, and what are the pros and cons of owning one?

2. What department of the Ministry of Magic would be alerted if you were found flying around on a Magic Carpet?

3. Of the three tasks of the Tri-Wizard tournament do you think you would have been best at completing and why?

4. Of the three tasks of the Tri-Wizard tournament would you have been least successful and why?

5. In Potions if you were asked to take out your ground scarab beetle, cut up ginger root, and armadillo bile, what potion would you be making?

6.What is Veritaserum and what is its purpose?

7.What Dragon did Harry face in the first trial?

8. Please describe the badges everyone wore after Harry was named the 4th contestant in the Tri-Wizard tournament.

Picture Scavenger hunt: paste a link or insert the picture into your post.

Dean Thomas

Seamus Finnegan

Harry and a Dragon together


Hermione and Viktor Krum together

For answering these questions and completing the scavenger hunt by midnight Sunday you will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous prize furnished by me your House Prefect. Ophelia Ballycastle.

gasp gasp

*starts to hyperventilate from the excitement* MY YARN CAME TODAY!!!!!!!! it is sooooo pretty. my friend dyed it and while it is a bit bluer in parts then i would have liked (my partner is slytherin hi Nelle!) i wound it up at the yarn store today and i am in love i hope Nelle likes it as much as i do. i bet she will. and its soft too! i always thought wool was itchy but this stuff is really really soft. *jumps around flailing wildly* my hubby walked in the door and i pounced across the room and ripped the box out of his hands while jumping up and down and tore it open (the box looks like it was attacked by a wild wolverine) *faints*

allitrya spelling

blog request

I was wondering if there was a way of getting a list on the side-bar that lists who is which house with links to their blogs? I would love to look at some blogs from other people in my house.

Queen Frysia the Fierce

Slytherin House


Hi All! I am so excited to be swapping again. My Buddy is wonderful and I am so ready to spoil her rotten.

Hello from Ravenclaw!

Hello, Daisy Rozier here. I'm a newbie first year who is itching to get started on a pair of socks for my Griffindor pal. I have the yarn and I'm off to browse Ravelry for a suitable pattern. I've had a few emails from my swap pal and we seem to be the perfect match :0)

Monday, August 18, 2008


I just came up with another idea for the package last night. I'm super-excited about it. So cute. I can't wait until I have the package assembled to take pictures of all of it. I might have to sneak a spoiler into my blog sometime next month.

Cliodna Boomslang

Welcome Gryffindors!


Welcome Gryffindors hope this will be a fabulous year! Please join us over on Ravelry or post here so we can all get to know each other. I am your Prefect Ophelia Ballycastle. You can get ahold of me on Ravelry my screen name there is SinKnitty or email me at vanesa(at)sinknitty(dot)com I will have a quiz up tomorrow and please remember to keep in touch with your buddy and tease them with false trails, canary creams, and an uncanny knowledge of where they are at all times via the Marauder's map... ;) Have fun and please remember that Fanged Frisbees are banned so keep them well hidden!

*cast on, rip out* repeat

I was so excited when the owl arrived with my yarn. I had already picked out a pattern that I thought I could handle (I'm still new to knitting socks). So last week I cast on, made it a few rounds and then ripped it out. The join didn't look right and I had one stitch too many which got my ribbing off. I cast on again, made it a little farther . . . actually past the ribbing and into the main pattern, screwed up again and had to rip it out. Of course, I have cast on again and things are going pretty smoothly. I think it is turning out great (if I do say so myself). I will post some progress pics on my blog, so Gabrielle Lovegoods, don't look if you want it to be a suprise :)


Go, Ravenclaw!

I'm just a first year, so I'm not familiar with all the rules. But I'm a fast learner :D

Prizes for Winning the House Cup

Well since there are so few of us I thought that I would make it interesing for all of you. I am going to hand dye sock yarn for the house that wins!! So make sure that you are doing what you need to do every week so that you can have a chance to win!!!
Good luck to all of you!!!!

Headmistress Cassandra

Hello All Hufflepuffs

Hi There
I am having a hard time with my blog could I get all Hufflepuffs to
e-mail me your blog site address.
Thanks and I hope every one is have fun!

Gryffindor here :)

Hi, Mrs. Ballycastle! Sorry I haven't been putting my House on my post ....

But I've been posting! I was afraid Mrs. Norris might come find me if I didn't!

otherwise known as
Lady Felula (the Forgetful)
Go Gryffindor!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attention all Students

I hope everyone has heard from their partners and have had a chance to settle into their dorms. I'd like to welcome all students, old and new to Hogwarts and if you have any questions don't hesitate to give your prefects an email or pm if you know their Ravelry names.

All students are asked to post here every week. We ask that you put your Hogwarts name and house on each post you make to make it easier for us prefects to tally the house points and to make sure who is posting or not.

If anyone in the swap is crafty with making buttons I noticed we don't have any yet, please feel free to make some and post them here for your fellow students.

I had fun reading all the posts so far on how everyone's kits are coming along and keep them coming. Happy Swapping!

Megaera Black
Slytherin Prefect

Hello :) ::waving::

Hey, Pren, Grandma Beth! Good to see you both here!!

Grandma Beth, that's an inspired idea, to use your partner's patronis for the markers! I hope that question is added to the questionnaire for the next sock swap. I've already created stitch markers for this one, but I'd love to have the option of using my partner's patronis next time.