Wednesday, October 15, 2008

buried in books

It must be that bogged-down time of the semester at Hogwarts. I'm feeling buried in writing and knitting projects, so if course it was definitely time for DD to catch that first fall cold.

These castle rooms do get chilly at night, don't they? Must make more autumn foods to warm up...perhaps a pumpkin soup?

Cliodna Boomslang, Ravenclaw

Re: Pink Ribbons

Real men get cancer, too - including breast cancer. And they die from it, just like women. So when do your family a favor ... teach the men how to do self exams. Encourage them to *do* the exams. Speak to a doctor if anything doesn't seem right.

Real men care enough to take care of their families ... *AND* themselves.

My mother died because of cancer. NOTHING in my life ever scared me more than having the doctor's office call me to come back in because of a shadow on a mammogram. Turned out to be a cyst, thank the Lady. But my family & I spent a very scary few weeks until we knew, for sure, what it was.

Lady Felula ... who may forget a lot of things, but not that.
Gryffindor House

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my very first sock!

ok yall. i am sooooo proud of myself. after much unknitting and trying a few different patterns i finially finished my very first sock! i just love it so much. i hope perenelle will like them too. i started to get confused at the heel because i never done any short row knitting either but then i just went step by step and i started to see the heel developing. i am using this book called "knitting socks for the first time". it has really good pictures and was very helpful. oh yay! ok now to start sock #2. now that i know what im doing i think the second sock will go quite a bit quicker.
allitrya spelling- gryffindor

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tie a pink ribbon round the old oak tree

As a red head my earlier years were spent avoiding the color pink. With the passage of time comes some compensations. My now mostly grey hair means that pink is a spectacular color on me. So please excuse the, from head to toe, pink witches outfit.

Pink has another meaning for me. My family is plauged with cancer. My mother had multiple operations that prevented her from erupting with full blown breast cancer.

As a retired muggle nurse i have seen way too many women die from this disease.

Detection is simple. Do your self exams. Hang the reminder card in the shower. When it is time go and get your mammograms. I know they are quite literally a pain, but a bigger pain would be to lose you.

Wizards! Yes you men! One of the greatest gifts you can give the woman you love is the reminder to be an active participant in preventing that disease.

Real men wear pink.