Monday, September 8, 2008


omg!!!! i have to say this feels like jkr being greedy. it kinda pisses me off. she basically went to court and said oh look how popular this guys free web site is. i could be makin money on that idea "HP was my character and i was gonna make an encyclopedia of HP "eventually" so you cant do that" there is a copyright rule that says if its reference material you are making then you can use the original source if you want to. duh. you would need to! how do you think that encyclopedias get made!? i am so irked. i really did not think she was gonna win when this issue first came to light. its like how she has teams of people that search on the internet all day long looking for "harry potter", in the tags area of handmade goods and then she sues them for the meeger proffits they have made making stitch markers or whatever in the hogwarts colors. i just dont get it. if the seller was saying this is aprooved by jkr i could see how she wouldnt like that. but just someone saying this is inspired by the harry potter books. ugh! shes pushing her fans away i think. any other thoughts? am i too bent out of shape about this!?
allitrya spelling - gryffindor


Ginger Gargoyle said...

to be fair to JKR, I think it was something that was pushed more by WB than her ... she knew of the website and had given it her blessing and even admitted in publication that she used the site to do research for the later books.
The book she is working on would be used for charity the same way the 'Fantastical Beasts' and 'Quidditch thru the Ages' was ... she wasn't/isn't going to see a penny of it (supposably).
I was also surprised that he didn't win the case under the 'reference material' exception to the copyright laws - I just wish they weren't going to force the closing of his site which has been operating for at least 8 yrs with both WB & JKRs knowledge without issues or challenges.

Pren said...

ok well i feel better about her now. what else can we expect from from the wb. at any rate it is dissapointing but now i feel better towards jkr. thanks for the insight ginger!

Gryffinitter said...

Please just be glad she did not contract with Disney for the movie rights - those people have the reputation of being pirran - well, those fish that strip flesh off bones in seconds. (I can't spell)

Has she been suing people making pennies off stitch markers? I have not heard anything about that if she has. And, again, that is probably more WB if it is -they own the rights to all the movie visuals as far as I know, and that is what is usually grabbed and used.

The explanation above about proper citation makes sense to me and makes me feel bad for everyone - academic careers have been ruined over things like that. Everyone, repeat after me, "Cite your sources!"