Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thank you Pernell Auckerly

The lovely and fabulous Pernell of Ravenclaw sent me my package and I have finally gotten the pictures online! I love everything here are a few pictures but really there were so many layers to the box I couldn't do it justice with photos.

HSS4 package 005
HSS4 package 011
HSS4 package 012
HSS4 package 022
she hand dyed all those house colors herself! Aren't they fabulous! There is much more I will blog asap
THank you so much Tricia!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Package!

Thank you Cliodna for such a great package. Sorry I am so late posting!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

White owl arrives!

The owl arrived this afternoon. Here's a sneak peak, with everything but the socks which were on my feet when I took the picture. Full details are on my blog.

Thanks Penelope of Flitwick!

Owl Arrival!

When my husband went out to check the muggle mailbox, he got hit on the head by an owl carrying a box. Poor thing was so tired, it was just looking for someplace to rest!

I've got pictures taken, but must wait until the husband returns to upload them (I am not really very good with muggle devices that require technical knowledge - in other words, if I can't push stop or go, I'm lost!!)

But I got a WONDERFUL pair of socks in the fire colors - Gryffindor red & gold (yellow) with orange. I LOVE the fire colors, always have (I'm a Fall baby, born in New England ... how could I *not* love them???) Not sure what the pattern is, but I really like it! From the stitch size, my partner used size 0 needles, tho! And there is the most amazing bookmark in this same yarn - a crocheted fan pattern. I think I'm going to have to raid my partner's pattern stash!!

Speaking of patterns, I got FOUR of them! Not the one she used for the socks, tho. Yeah, I really like the pattern. It's a very fancy rib stitch. Since I really need socks that hug my feet, these are wonderful.

Also got TWO sets of size 0 metal dpns - now I all I have to do is find the yarn for the pattern I have that requires size 0 needles - the Bayerische.

There's a really nice project bag in warm autumn colors, a pair of knitted washcloths - one in a brick stitch, the other in a wonderful star pattern. Neither of which will get used as washcloths - they are both going on our big kitchen table. The brick stitch one will be used under serving dishes. The star one is on the lazy susan that's in the middle of the table for salt & pepper & grinder spices. It just fits. ;)

There are 2 sets of stitch markers - a heavier set in deep red & bronze and a lighter set (which I will use much more often!) in light red & a fire-polished gold. Neither set shows up well in the picture I took, but they are both very pretty. Also included were point protectors for both straight & circular needles. The straight needle set is so cute - tiny socks! You put the points in the legs of the socks!! Some bath soak crystals (stress relief & muscle relief - how *did* she know???), a small composition book, just the right size to keep in the project bag to make notes, some cherry tic-tacs (I'm telling you, my partner is psychic! Must be a Slytherin trait - mind-reading & snakes, huh? LOL)

And guarding the box? The most adorable little red fuzzy owl with yellow feet! I think I'll have to beg for the pattern. I'm sort of starting to collect owls, I think - I keep finding them tumbling around, anyhow!

Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Who0 - hoo! Hubby took my package to the owlry today ... and it is on its way to my partner Queen Frysia the Fierce of Gryffindor (yes a tad Ironic ... who knew Frysia was the wizard equivalent to 'Smith')

Queen Frysia
(aka ginger gargoyle)