Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is this sickness being carried by the Floo network?

I just have to ask - can you get the flue from the floo? Not that I have flue - I have an ear infection and sinus infection. But you do have to wonder...

Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm SO glad the socks fit!! If anyone wants to make that pattern, you'll find it here:

I had a *lot* of fun with this swap. Couldn't believe how much I could come up with that reflected Slytherin, including the little green sneaky snake. Gods, I can remember my kids playing with those things, and I'm now a grandmother of 7, with the 8th one due at the end of this month!!

You'll find the witches hat washcloth will help to keep your hands clean while you are knitting, the hair elastic will help to prevent your hair from getting in your way, and the two scrubbies will help to keep that coffee cup clean. AND I got 'em all from just one hank of cotton yarn, except the hair elastic - that's crochet cotton.

That map of England is just over the top, isn't it? I got the original as a gift, and have only used it to make copies, so I can keep using it over and over again. I just love it! It is so perfect for HP crafting. :)

Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Do not disturb

So beside having issues with blogger last weekend I am sick and have been in the infirmary keeping Madam Pomfrey very busy. After not being about to knit for about a week due to my ailment, I did manage to finish Bella's socks, so not I just need to wash and block them as well as the final touches on her package. I have leave from school this (Canadian long) weekend so I can go visit relatives and stay at our cabin on Galiano Island, BC for some much needed r&r and I hope to be fully recovered by then.

I apologize Slytherins that I haven't gotten your quiz out and there is a lovely prize just sitting in my dorm room waiting for it's new owner. Once I get back from celebrating Thanksgiving, the quiz will be written and up. For all you Canadian students, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, salute!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

USPS says 'Delivered'!!

My partner's box was delivered today according to Cool! Hope you like it :) While I do have a scan of the socks, I don't have a scan of anything else ... and I have no clue whatsoever how to post a scan to a blog.

Lady Felula
Gryffindor House

Package arrives

This package arrived yesterday and I was completely thrilled. Check out the socks. I have made a rule that all new socks are worn that night. These were really warm and my feet were really happy. And I love how they fit.

Check out all of these goodies. I really like the box. There is a map on the London area on it. The mug will be happily used as often as possible. And the Slytherin mug cozy comes off for easy cleaning of the mug.

But this has got to be the best bag that I have ever received. The picture fails to show the sparkly parts of the bag. Huge thanks go to my Gryffindor pal, Lady Felula!!!

House Points

Well so far we have Hufflepuff in the lead for points!! Congrats Hufflepuffs! This could change I have not yet recieved word on Syltherin or Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuff 100%
Gryffindor 75%

Keep posting and get your points up!!!!!

Out of town

I will be out of town starting tomorrow until Sunday afternoon. I will be checking emails so if you need something right away contact your house prefects I will get back to you as soon as I can. :) Have a great weekend and happy knitting!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm here!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

I'm here babe! Lets go see what's making that noise! Grandma

I got my box!

Wystoria knocked it out of the park! I adore my socks and all the way cool stuff she sent with them! I feel better and so loved! Grandma

shrieking shack

so here i am flying around the shrieking shack getting more and more jumpy as the minutes go by. i have to say, when i talked to grandma beth about this it seemed like a good idea, but now i think i just want to go back to hogwarts. i sure hope she shows up soon. i cant even remember why we thought this would be a good idea in the first place. AAAAAHHH! what was that? did you hear that?! grandma beth where are you? ugh stupid peaves swooped down on us sneaking out and we split up. why didnt we have a better planB just in case something like this occoured? ok im sure that noise was nothing right? ill wait and see if she shows up.
Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Hogwarts little bit of everything exchange

Ravelry may be a bit wobbly and our group on there has to wait until their server glitch is fixed but we do have a blog.

I like our little guy, he reminds me of Dumbledore. I'll have the questionnaire up soon, I hope. If my tummy lets me. I be sick....: ( Grandma

Monday, October 6, 2008

great big Ravenclaw socks

I finished a pair of Ravenclaw socks for DH over the weekend. He's a men's size 13, hence the post title. I'm so glad they're done! His birthday is in a week so the socks are like an early gift. I'll probably make myself a matching pair sometime.

Cliodna Boomslang, Ravenclaw

New info on my blog

I've made changes based on the suggestions I've gotten to the proposed little bit of everything swap. Please check the edited post on my blog. Grandma


So there is a 75% yes for the little bit of everything swap. In order to get it on Ravelry 3 other people have to go to meta groups and reply that they want the group, as I understand it. Those other 5 people that have already voted yes and any one else interested, if you want to be a part of "staff" please e-mail me. so we can do some planning. Grandma

Getting there

I think my owl is getting impatient with my progresss. She keeps trying to snatch the socks out of my hands and take off with them. I keep telling her it's only a matter of time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please VOTE!!!

Grandma wants to do a hat swap and there was another suggestion to do a hat and mitten swap what do you think????