Monday, September 8, 2008

ATTN: Quiz makers

Hey y'all I ran across this sad news today online:

Judge waves gavel, says Avada Kedavra to Harry Potter Lexicon: "Steven Vander Ark's Harry Potter lexicon has vanished and may never be seen again. The handy guide was not spirited away with the wave of a wand: it was, instead, banned with the bang of a gavel. In a ruling issued this morning, Judge Robert Patterson affirmed that Ark and his publisher had failed to demonstrate that the reference text fell within the scope of fair use."
Now with the way this article reads, it will affectively not only stop the publication but also knock out the website that so many of us have come to love ... this will likely cause a cascade effect to the other 'back up' sites as well and they all become leary of falling to the same legal challenge.

Just a heads up.

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