Friday, August 22, 2008

And the Winner is.....

Hello Slytherins, even though there are few of us we are proud and talented group. All three of you have completed your quizzes on time and did a great job of showing your talent in Potions. I will be shipping out the prize to the winner, but it will remain a secret till she receives it in the mail.

The next quiz will be in two weeks and the prize is a skein on yarn donated by our talented Slytherin Perenelle Pettigrew, check out her store there are beautiful hand-dyed yarns and great sock clubs like the Quidditch Teams of the World Club. Drooling over her yarns makes me wish I wasn't allergic to wool! Disclosure: Nelle did not bribe me or ask me to advertise for her, I'm gushing because the yarn is definitely worth gushing over!

Now the winner of the Slytherin quiz of the term is

Nelle congratulations, please send me a pm via Ravelry with your address or email me at megaerablack aT gMaIL PeRioD com.


Pren said...

yay! congratulations partner! WOOOO! pops confetti out the end of her wand*

allytria spelling

Perenelle Pettigrew said...

YAY! How exciting!! :) Thanks so much Megeara!! I can't wait to make something extra special for the next quiz's winner!! :D