Monday, August 18, 2008

*cast on, rip out* repeat

I was so excited when the owl arrived with my yarn. I had already picked out a pattern that I thought I could handle (I'm still new to knitting socks). So last week I cast on, made it a few rounds and then ripped it out. The join didn't look right and I had one stitch too many which got my ribbing off. I cast on again, made it a little farther . . . actually past the ribbing and into the main pattern, screwed up again and had to rip it out. Of course, I have cast on again and things are going pretty smoothly. I think it is turning out great (if I do say so myself). I will post some progress pics on my blog, so Gabrielle Lovegoods, don't look if you want it to be a suprise :)



Ginger Gargoyle said...

Jane - I find waste yarn a great comfort while knitting. whenever I get done with one milestone of a sock - such as completing a pattern repeat or section such as before the heel turn - I will run a bit of waste yarn thru the stitches while they are still on the needles so if I make a mistake somewhere along the way after that, I can control how far back I have to rip (is this making sense?) then pick the stitches back up off the waste yarn and go from there. since the waste yarn runs thru the center of the stitches and aren't stitches themselves I can clip and pull it out whent he sock is done without anyone the wiser. And if you make the loop wide enough you can still try on the sock as you work.
Waste yarn .... its a good thing.
I'll try to get some photos up on my blog later ... if I can find a camera.
Queen Frysia the Fierce

Gabrielle Lovegoods said...

I want to look, I want to look, I want to look.....but for now, I won't :D
I've only used waste yarn, like Ginger, on shawl making, but I think she's got a great idea there.
Oh, and, Ravenclaw all the way!

Jane said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like a great Idea, and I will definately try it :)