Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yarn and buttons

not that kinda buttons! ok so my house prefect said that if we put the HSS4 button on our blog we get house points for it. i tried clicking them and clicking the thing that says "buttons" but how do i download that picture? sorry i learn as i go with all this computer stuff. thanks to anybody that can help me.

also if you want to see the super super pretty yarn that i got for my pals socks you can go over
here the pic is down at the bottom. so Nelle if you want to be surprized dont go to my blog. although i DID put a buffer zone in the post so if you happen over there you should see it comming and be able to avert your little peepers, but if you go there the temptation might be too great and you will have to peek. but if you want to see it before its socks thats ok too. :0)

aaaaaaaaand i made you the bestest thing EVER today. neener neener neener! im not tell you what it is but i liked it so much they are now on the christmas sweatshop list for all my friends. (christmas sweatshop- named by the hubby due to my over confidence in thinking i can make every person i have ever met a hand made gift and the resulting lack of sleep and tears that follow when i am neck deep in craft supplies with one week left till christmas ordering him to "punch those holes in a straighter line! *whip crack*)

the new layout and header look awesome btw headmistress! *not butt kissing for house points, im just sayin*


Ophelia Ballycastle said...

I am emailing you the code all linked up and ready to go to put a blog button on your sidebar.

Pren said...

okie dokie i did it. thanks!