Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I swear I am up to my ears in sock yarn! I keep finding more and more and more that I like. Fortunately I can use a lot of nice warm socks in the cold climate where I live and the drafting rooms I often find myself in. Still, trying to find the time to knit all those socks using all that wonderful sock yarn is the issue. Or, maybe the fact that I keep looking and buying more could be contributing to the problem. What do you think?
I have started the socks for my partner so many times that she could have a couple pairs by now! I start and then decide I don't like the pattern, so I change patterns only to find I don't like that yarn for that pattern, so I change yarns only to decide I don't really like the color of the yarn so I find a different color. Talk about indecision! But I think I've finally settled on a pattern, a yarn, and a colorway!

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