Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vicoden and Harry Potter

Had to go to the emergency room with half my face swollen two days ago. Turns out the vertigo is from an abscessed tooth.

Vicoden, Motrin and a long sterile needle later, (I can't take antibiotics), I feel much better and plan on casting on Monday. (the grand-children will be in school, peace, quiet! LOL)

One good thing from the fever and then the stoned 1st night, I dreamed the perfect stitch markers for a Ravenclaw and saw them being used with two very cute knitting needles for a person with a patronis which is an owl. LOL Grandma


Pren said...

hahaha. i am so glad you are feeling better. that is an interesting dream. i guess you just had Harry on the brain :0)

Ophelia Ballycastle said...

My lord! At least you are feeling better! Pain killers are fabulous! No wonder all those musicians are addicts if they make you all creative and stuff. I just fall asleep.