Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polyjuice markers

okay - so being the crafty folk that I am, I decided to make markers using fancy Polymer clay ... now the instructions on the clay say I can use my regular oven but most sites I'm finding say to use an oven dedicated to just clay (I know any utinsels I use have to be just for the clay from that point forward) ...

but I figured there has to be other, much more experienced, polyclay users out there -- what is your feelings on this?

do I need to break out my never-used-20 yr old toaster oven, or can I use my regular cooking oven for this?

Thanks for your help,
Queen Frysia the Fierce


Pren said...

i have never heard to use a separate oven. everyone i know uses their regular one and just has a separate cookie sheet. maybe thats why they say a separate oven cause this little toaster ovens have their own tiny cookie sheet in them. hhmmmm.

Ophelia Ballycastle said...

My sister used to make beads from polymer clay all the time and she used our regualar oven and she would put tinfoil on the cookiesheet. Have fun!