Sunday, August 10, 2008

my yarn SQUEE!

hello all! i just wanted to say that my yarn is on the way. i got to collaborate, with the girl who is dying my yarn, on the color palate and that was pretty fun. My partner is Perenelle Pettigrew and she said that she didn't have a preference as to weather her socks were house colors or character inspired colors so i had quite a bit of freedom. i absolutley can NOT wait to see how it comes out. i also get really excited to see how it knits up because i can never look at a ball of yarn and be able to tell what it will look like knitted. its always a surprise to me. i am glad to see that others are getting their yarn and getting going as well. this is all so exciting.


Ophelia Ballycastle said...

I think that is one of the funnest things aout a new ball of yarn finding out how it knits up. And what is fun is that the same yarn will knit up differently with different patterns. ;) How fun designing your own yarn! If it turns out fabulous and she starts selling it online do you get royalties? ;)

Pren said...

hahaha yeah i should charge and advertisinge fee. hehehe. she actually does have and online store but she doesnt sell yarn in it even though she spins and dyes her own. maybe if it gets rave reviews i can convince her to go out on that limb too :0)