Thursday, August 14, 2008

having a thought about my name

first thought: i know this isnt exactly knitting related but i thought id post it here anyhow let me know if this is not ok. so i was thinking about how we all use the same name generator and i was checking out the Hogwarts Sock kit Swap site and noticed someone over there who has the name i was given by the generator which is Allitrya Spelling (same first and last name. hurumph. even though she probablly had it first) i was thinking about the fact that if you do more than one group and you have the same name as someone else it might cause confusion.

next thought: my real life name is Pren Wilcox and i started making robes and house themed presents for my friends a few years back and was sending them with a scroll that looked like the items came from a store in diagon alley called "Wilcox Wizard Wears" i am ,of course the CEO or magic grand fazir of that company and the name i use there is Prendolyn Wilcox.

last thought: for now at least hahaha. i was wondering if i could change my name here or should i wait till i am a second year and just do it then. also do the people who have their user name as their wizard name on the list have a whole separate blogspot blog just to have that or can you have more than one user name if you have a regular blog that is also blogspot? did that make any sense?

thanks for anythoughts you all may have on the matter of names.
yours truly, allitrya spelling (for now) :0)

oh p.s. are we going to have quizes and things for gryffindor too!? i hope so. it would be fun.

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Ginger Gargoyle said...

I chose a name-generator name for this round, last round I chose my regular google acct name ... but I see in the list of participants it is listed under my google name instead of my HP name. I know what you mean about the confusion of the names though - my partner is also named Queen Frysia the Fierce but she is in Gryff.
when I sign I tend to make a note of my HP name and my google name (aka) ... and my blog is tied to my google name not my HP name ... I can see where things are going to get confusing.
My partner has the same HP name as me, just a different house.

Queen Frysia the Fierce
(aka Ginger Gargoyle)
Slytherin House