Thursday, October 9, 2008

Package arrives

This package arrived yesterday and I was completely thrilled. Check out the socks. I have made a rule that all new socks are worn that night. These were really warm and my feet were really happy. And I love how they fit.

Check out all of these goodies. I really like the box. There is a map on the London area on it. The mug will be happily used as often as possible. And the Slytherin mug cozy comes off for easy cleaning of the mug.

But this has got to be the best bag that I have ever received. The picture fails to show the sparkly parts of the bag. Huge thanks go to my Gryffindor pal, Lady Felula!!!


Headmistress Cassandra said...

What a fantastic package!! I love your new socks and that bag is beautiful!!!!

Megaera Black said...

Great package! I love the owl bag, it's perfect.

Kitty said...

When the bag needs washing, I would advise either turning it inside out, so the ribbon on the sides won't be rubbed by other laundry, or putting it inside a pillow case, then pinning the case shut, again to prevent wear & tear on the ribbon sides.