Friday, October 10, 2008

Do not disturb

So beside having issues with blogger last weekend I am sick and have been in the infirmary keeping Madam Pomfrey very busy. After not being about to knit for about a week due to my ailment, I did manage to finish Bella's socks, so not I just need to wash and block them as well as the final touches on her package. I have leave from school this (Canadian long) weekend so I can go visit relatives and stay at our cabin on Galiano Island, BC for some much needed r&r and I hope to be fully recovered by then.

I apologize Slytherins that I haven't gotten your quiz out and there is a lovely prize just sitting in my dorm room waiting for it's new owner. Once I get back from celebrating Thanksgiving, the quiz will be written and up. For all you Canadian students, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, salute!

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