Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Update

I honestly don't remember if I popped in to post this week, so here it goes. Not much going on. Still knitting away at the socks. It would have gone faster if I hadn't caught a cold from the oldest child. But I am not worried. So here is a big "Hello!!!!" to my Gryffindor pal. Hope your weekend is going great.


Ginger Gargoyle said...

LOL ... love the pony! wish I could buy one for dd2, she 'collects' them.

second - I know what you mean I've lost two weeks of quality knitting time taking care of sick kids and then catching up on makeup school work.
Hope you're feeling better Sister Slytherin ... cold-fighter potion:
2 T rose hips
1pt. water
boil rose hips in water 15-20 min. let cool then strain. bottle syrup and refridge until use. dosage 1 tsp. (my youngest likes it in a cup of hot water with plenty of honey). It is bitter, so prepare - not as bad as lemon juice but more than orange juice. has more vitamin C than 3 glasses of orange juice so it kicks it right out. (as usual disclaimer - consult a physician if you are on other medications to be sure there are no adverse reacations, and if cold lasts longer than 10 days)

Queen Frysia

Pren said...

i didnt know roses had hips. are you being funny? or do they really?

Ginger Gargoyle said...

no they really do! Look at the ingredient list of your favorite herbal tea, its more than likely there.
Actually its the seed pod that forms just behind the flower, that is if you let the rose stay on the bush and drop its petals naturally.

I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs and Simpson & Vail Tea (I actually like S&V better but they are more expensive), but you can find them at any well stocked herbal store.