Friday, September 19, 2008

organized and calm

well sort of calm as i ever get anyhow. *slightly hysterical giggle and hair tugging*
i took all of your good advise and came up with this plan to keep track of my swaps and gifts to be made and stuff like that. i made a folder and put tabs in it each swap or gift has a tab. inside each tab area are sheets that say stuff like "rules" and "spoilee" where i can put all the things i know about the swap and my swap partner. i also put in sheets for ideas (because usually i doodle out my ideas and make lists of all the possible things i COULD make till i decide on the best ones) and a sheet for patterns (where i can keep any pertinint patterns.) each tab also has a check list with a hopefull date to finish each item. in the front i printed some calendars so that i can see what hard deadlines are comming up for mailing etc. i also set up my phone to do reminders a day before the actuall mailing date. yay! i really do feel much better now and have no fear that anything will get forgotten even durring my big move to california. :0) how about a pic of my supper spiffy folder? ok.


Ophelia Ballycastle said...

if you like organizing things I could use a whole lot of help!

Pren said...

hahaha. i actually love to orginize. sometimes it just takes me a while to wrap my brain around the best way to do it. i have to be crazy "monica gheller" orginised because i have such a frazzeled personality. and drink WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE BUT IT DOESNT SEEM TO AFFECT ME AT ALL EEEEEEEEEEE! oh sorry ok i guess it affects me a bit. :0)

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Would you like to come to Wyoming and organize me lol! And I don't know if there is such a thing as too much coffee ;)

Kitty said...

Well, I gotta say ... one cup of coffee is *way* too much! (You'd agree if your tummy immediately returned the coffee to you, too!) Now, tea, on the other hand ::grins::

Hey, Pren, darlin'? Would you like to come over here to Missouri and do a bit of organizing? You do seem to do a bang-up job of it once you decide how you want to organize!


Pren said...

hmmm. wyoming and then missouri? i HAVE always wanted to be a jet setter. :0) actually i have been tons of places around the world and around the US too. but i have never been to either of your home states. i have always wanted to go to wyoming. i bet it is beautiful. and i bet kevin costner just rides a horse around and delivers mail to each homestead right. (i have an old man crush on kevin costner musta been that robin hood movie) and i dont know much about missouri but sure im on my way guys :0)