Saturday, September 20, 2008

Re: This week's post

::waving to Andromeda:: Right back at you, Slytherin pal!

I just finished your socks (YAH!!!) but am still waiting for a couple of items to come in the mail. Not sure if they will get here in time, but they were extras so if they don't make it, I can still mail out.

I've had so much fun finding or making things that related to Slytherin. It's really amazing just what is out there. And, of course, how things be re-purposed to fit a universe that they didn't come from.

I am so looking forward to your reaction when you get your package. I'm just not sure which item I'm most looking forward to your reaction to! LOL

Um .... be careful when you open parts of the package ... there's something soft and slithery in there someplace .......... I just can't quite remember where ........

Lady Felula the Forgetful
Gryffindor House

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Ginger Gargoyle said...

hee hee hee ... sorry ... it just looked so restrained in there ... I had to let it loose.

Queen frysia