Saturday, October 4, 2008

moving is yucky!

wow. this move has almost done me in. normally i pack i move whatever. this time i think i may actually be at the end of my rope. id better tie some yarn on the end of it and see if i can keep a grip. :0) i am offically in california and i am really sorry if i have missed anything while i was in transit. please send me an email if there was anything important that i missed :0) i will be checking everyones blogs and stuff throughout the week to get caught up. i have missed you all and am happy to be back on the internet! yay for contact with my hogwarts friends. ok now to sleep and then up early to keep unpacking. my MIL is here from tulsa "helping" and my mom is coming to "keep me sane" tomorrow. while MIL is all "screech! screech! why are there still boxes of stuff around you have been here a whole 2 days!" my moms like "whatevs- cram it under the bed" both are a bit extreem ends of the spectrum and im somewhere in the middle tearing my hair out. hahahaha (hugs)
allitrya spelling- gryffindor


Grandma said...

Baby I am just glad you are there safe and sound! Welcome back! You were missed! Grandma

Pren said...

awww thanks. btw i liked your book recomendations over at HSKS i put them in my cart. :0)

Penelope of Flitwick said...

You are right moving is very yucky. But think of all the cleaning you got done!!!!!! ;)