Friday, August 8, 2008

It has begun!!

So I've taken on the challenge of being prefect for the Slytherin House and I'm excited. This is my 3rd yr. and my second yr. as a Slytherin. There was a slight mix up my first year and I was placed in Ravenclaw. I do have a lot of qualities that would make the sorting hat put me there, but I'm finding more and more I feel at home in Slytherin.

This term I am knitting for Belladonna Boomslang of Gryffindor. Farting Flooberworms thia is my third term knitting for a Gryffindor when will it end! The yarn for Bella's socks are drying as I type, they are being dyed by a really awesome dyer who I will name much later in the swap that I've had the pleasure of getting to know. I've been in touch with Bella and having fun getting to know her. Oh and if you are reading this, check out the teaser that I put up for Ms. Boomslang on my blog.

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