Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tie a pink ribbon round the old oak tree

As a red head my earlier years were spent avoiding the color pink. With the passage of time comes some compensations. My now mostly grey hair means that pink is a spectacular color on me. So please excuse the, from head to toe, pink witches outfit.

Pink has another meaning for me. My family is plauged with cancer. My mother had multiple operations that prevented her from erupting with full blown breast cancer.

As a retired muggle nurse i have seen way too many women die from this disease.

Detection is simple. Do your self exams. Hang the reminder card in the shower. When it is time go and get your mammograms. I know they are quite literally a pain, but a bigger pain would be to lose you.

Wizards! Yes you men! One of the greatest gifts you can give the woman you love is the reminder to be an active participant in preventing that disease.

Real men wear pink.



Pren said...

thanks for the reminder grandma beth.

Ginger Gargoyle said...

It also has to be said that while not overly reported -- men too can get breast cancer. Men should do exams as well.