Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Slytherin - Gryffindor Connection

Well I got my package from my partner Queen Frysia last week from my partner, but didn't want to post until I could get reliable photos ... hubby needs to charge the batteries for the good cameras, he puts those charges into 'safe' places then forgets where that was (you would be surprised how many we have had to replace) ... I finally broke down and 'borrowed' my daughters old old digital camera - it has got to be one of the first ones they made with a data card, this thing is about 3 inches thick.

It doesn't take the best photos and the flash would have flooded out the pic, so pardon the darkness;

From Ginger Gargoyle's Gems

The yarn is soooo soft! It is called "Death Eaters" by Faery Fibers ... I've never heard of them, but man are these socks comfy! They are 100% merino superwash ... its like putting my feet into clouds - and I am not a big sock person so trust me when i say you would love this yarn.

She also made me a pushmepullyou style sock bookmark - have you seen these? It is so cute! one half is green the other grey. She even had time to felt me up a little bag that looks like a cauldron -- it is adorable (I may have to hide it from my 9yr old though, she thinks its a hat for her doll).

Thank you Queenie! You were a wonderful partner.
Queen Frysia
(aka ginger gargoyle)

Now if Queenie doesn't mind I'm going to put in some itty pics of the socks & markers I sent to her (I'm kind of proud of them).
From Ginger Gargoyle's Gems
From Ginger Gargoyle's Gems

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