Monday, October 20, 2008

Moth Repellents

Grandma Beth shared the following on another list we share. I thought it might be of use to someone here, as well. All the recipes/suggestions use natural ingredients, many of which are easily grown in the average garden.

Here's a moth repellent recipe from Martha Stewart
Another from DIY Life
From TipNut
Most of them are variations on the same herbs. I'm thinking making
several of them and stowing in my sock yarns....and other wools, too,
might be a great idea, not to mention a "smelly" treat when opening up
the containers!

This was from another list I am on. I'm already thinking that a few of
the bottles I've been saving from the recycle bin would look great with
these in them and a shear fabric tied over the top.

Or maybe sew the bags in house colors, or the shape of owls. So many
possibilities. Grandma

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Pren said...

saw some little knitted sachets in the holiday issure of knit simple and was going to make them for a friend. this is great ill just use this recepie for the fillling. ok off to bookmark the sites :0) thanks!