Saturday, September 6, 2008

uuummmm? can this be right?

i sent this question in an email to nelle but i just read on her blog that she is off campus till monday so i thought id post it here too. this being my first pair of socks i, of course, am second guessing my self the whole way :0). i have about 2 inches done on the ankle part of the sock. it looks awfully small. but i slid it over my foot and my foot is 8.5 around just like nelles is and it slid right on. i am meeting gauge for the pattern. my concern is that it seems a bit small to pull over your heel. you know how its wider there? and dont you hate socks that fit but are really hard to get on? i do. i just feel like if i make them bigger they maybe wont stay up. they arent ribbed the whole way just at the cuff. what do you think? would you keep going or take it out and add a few more stitches? falling down socks arent any better than too tight ones. i dont think they will be too tight on just tight to get over the heel. ok any advise you have to give would be great . thanks guys
Allitrya Spellling- Gryffindor


Ginger Gargoyle said...

if its 'catching' on the cuff going over you might want to rethink the ribbing .... but if its just the bottom of the leg part you will have to check how they have you making the heel - some of the patterns will have you increase around the instep as you attach the heel flap and this will make that area a bit bigger.
I suggest using a StopFast/LifeLine before attaching the heel so if you do need to undo any of the rows you won't go back too far.
Queen Frysia
(not a pro socker by any means)

Penelope of Flitwick said...

I think she is right but that is how you get good at it buy knitting and ripping. It sounds like it will be fine but if you are worried then add a few stitches for piece of mind ;)

Ginger Gargoyle said...

double check the math too -- just because you are working up to gauge doesn't mean that you will have enough stitches to fit the foot you are working on. For instance ... my sock ... the pattern said 'co 60 sts' which I did, but my partners leg isn't that large so while it was working up to gauge, her leg only needed 52 sts to go around.
or you could change the cast-on ... a cable caston seems to have more stretch to it than the long tail cast on to me; but the knit caston would be stretchy too.

Pren said...

well her ankle is 8.5 and so is mine. i pulled off the sock cause i thought id just start over and i pulled the 2 inches of cuff and leg i had knitted onto my own foot. it went on with out a hitch, so i panicked and painstakingly picked up all the stitches and did a few more rows to make sure i didnt miss any. so im thinking it just seemed so small because it was on the needles maybe. i guess that if i can get it on with two inches knit, it should fit ok with 4 inches of leg knit up too right?