Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally some progress

So there has been some progress with Bella's sock and I haven't frogged it for a while now! I hope I don't jinx myself. All that needs to be done are these socks and I hope to finish the first one with week and start the second after that. Things have been busy working on my double potions homework and some nasty ancient runes translations to do.

Slytherins there will be a house quiz coming up in the next week or so. I hope everyone is working hard on their pal's socks and kit.

Knit on,
Megaera Black
Slyherin Prefect


Gryffinitter said...

Meg, I'm pretty good with Ancient runes, if you need help! And I have frogged, and will frog somemore on your socks as well, so don't feel badly...

Belladonna Boomslang.

Megaera Black said...

Bella, My "ancient runes" homework is trying to write out the Secret Stole iii pattern so that way I can knit it! The hints are in charts but I'm finding it really hard to read them with my lack'o'good vision, so I'm "translating" them. Last time someone was nice and translated them; however this time around they aren't offering written instructions as well as charted *meh*

I did jinx myself I frogged them yet again. I was doing the heel turn when I realized they looked rather long and I measured them the foot was 11 inches!! So I'm at the gusset stitches again and I put in a life line this time, no more Miss Go with the Flow I'm getting serious. I'm starting to run out of time and I hate having to knit right through to the deadline or past it. Hope you are having more luck than I am Bella!