Monday, July 14, 2008

The rules for the swap.....

Hi everyone I know sign ups are close and I have a day off work to get things ready for the swap so here are the new rule that need to be followed. Thanks!! Any questions feel free to email me.

1. You must have a blog and post once a week
2. You must post once a week to the Sock Swap blog
3. Package must be received by specified date
4. Package must be complete
5. Contact with your pal is a MUST, send an email at least once a week this is not going to be a secret swap your pal will be sending to you as well so you must communicate with her/him
6. If you choose not to follow these rules with in a 2 week period you will be dropped from the swap.
7. Packages should cost no more than $50.00

Package requirements are

First Years:
A pair of socks complete
A sock knitting pattern
Knitting Needles
Stitch Markers in House Colors

Second Years:
A pair of complete Socks
A sock knitting pattern
Knitting Needles
A Harry Potter Bookmark

Third Years:
A pair of complete Socks
A sock knitting pattern
Knitting Needles
Knitting Journal

Fourth Years:
A pair of complete Socks
A sock knitting pattern
Knitting Needles
A row counter in house colors as close as you can get

As for the socks you can use house color yarn or any of the Harry Potter inspired color ways out there this part is up to your pal so please communicate!! There are lots of knitting patterns out there I look at them and think would Dumbledore like these socks or would Mrs. Weasley knit these, the pattern is up to you, you can buy one, make one or get some free ones.

The questionnaire should be emailed to me when you sign up:

Potter name:
Real name:
phone # this is only give to me and only used if your package has not be received
blog address:
House you are in:
Ravenclaw book or movie:
Size of foot:
Size of stitch marker you prefer:
Size of knitting needles you need:
Coffee or tea:
Sweet or Salty:
Socks in House color or Inspired Color:
Are you looking for any knitting item that you want but cant find:

Would you like to be an angel

Ok there you go any questions email me and if you would like to be a prefect for your house email me


Ginger Gargoyle said...

Dearest Headmistress: you should have received my owl this morning but I have thought of yet another question which was not included upon the survey.
You do not ask for our blog address, did you wish this also?
Queen Frysia the Fierce

Ginger Gargoyle said...

oh - duh, nevermind

sweetaimee said...

I am sooo excited for this swap I have never done one before. I love harry potter and love knitting socks and love getting stuff so sounds great to me.

pren said...

dear headmistress i sent you an email last week but never heard back. did you recieve it? i just want to be sure that i am in for this swap. thanks! pren wilcox

Penelope of Flitwick said...

I have sent an e-mail also but I think she is busy with preparations and other Hogwarts business. I am looking forward to the swap!

pren said...

oh she got back to me. its all cleared up now. i do understand the begining of a school year must be a busy time for a headmistress. :0) ps. does it seem like the verification word on this thing just keeps getting longer and longer? hahaha min is 9 letters long!